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Lash Rules - The Do's and Don'ts

Each of our 3D mink lashes are intended to hold 20-25 wears so you follow our do's and dont’s, we guarantee your Lashes will continue to look fabulous for a long time and you will get your money’s worth!


The Do’s


Do clean your lashes after every use (click here to see our cleaning guide).

Do keep your lashes in their case when not in use.

Do trim the very ends of the lash band if the band is too long for your eye type (click here to see our read on eye shapes).

DO… take lots of selfies when wearing your lashes and don’t forget to tag us with the style on Instagram @dramaticeyelashes


The Don’ts


Don’t try cleaning your lashes with just a make-up wipe, this may result in you accidentally pulling the lashes out of the band.

Don’t apply mascara or other products on your lashes, this will maximise their wear, not ruining it hairs and natural curl.

Don’t trim the ends of the lashes themselves or cut the lash band, this will completely ruin the style of lash.

Don’t share lashes with friends. Sharing is caring but sharing your lashes with a friend can lead to nasty eye infections (even when cleaning properly this is not sanitised). 

Don’t leave your lashes out on the side as this can result them gathering germs, been knocked onto the floor and becoming lost!

Don’t forget to tag us on our Instagram page with the style name. We want to see how amazing you look in our lashes and you could also be featured on our page!