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Red Cherry - #43 (Stevi)-Eyelashes-Dramatic Eyelashes
Red Cherry - #43 (Stevi)-Eyelashes-Dramatic Eyelashes

Red Cherry - #43 (Stevi)

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These high-quality eyelashes elongate the appearance or your eyes. They offer a natural look, whilst still making a statement. The graduated lenght offers a glamorous effect. Once appield, these falsies look absolutely stunning! Perfect to day-to-day wear, as well as for special occasions. Its not difficult to see why Red Cherry Lashes in style 43# (Stevi) are a favourite with all customers, bloggers and MAU’s.


  • Easy to apply -Invisible band

  • Super lightweight

  • Comfortable to wear

Red Cherry lashes are handmade using real human hair. These false eyelashes are easy to apply and super comfortable to wear. Each box contains one pair of Red Cherry Lashes.